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mental glue cannabis fieldIntroduction to the Special Variety: Mental Glue by Biofanatic

The realm of cannabis has witnessed transformative changes, especially with companies like Biofanatic at the forefront. Their breed, Mental Glue, epitomizes these innovations, being a variety bred for specific mental health support.

The CBD Revolution

Understanding CBD

Ever heard of Mental Glue or other CBD strains and wondered about their significance? CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the many compounds found in the cannabis plant. Unlike its famous cousin THC, CBD doesn’t get you “high”. Praised by brands like Biofanatic, CBD, especially from strains like Mental Glue, offers therapeutic properties concerning mental health.

Benefits for Mental Health

Imagine your mind as a sea. The Mental Glue variety by Biofanatic acts as a serene force, calming the turbulent waves of anxiety and depression. With its potential backed by research, CBD can be the anchor to your mental tranquility.

Features of the Special Mental Glue Variety

High CBD Content

A standout with 23% CBD! Mental Glue, developed by Biofanatic, doesn’t just promise; it delivers potent relief for a myriad of mental health issues.

Pest, Insect, and Fungus Resistance

With Mental Glue, say goodbye to frail plants. This Biofanatic breed stands resilient against pests and molds, ensuring a stress-free cultivation experience.

Growing the Mental Glue Variety

Ease of Cultivation

For those wary of complicated cultivation, Mental Glue by Biofanatic is a dream come true. Its resilient nature makes gardening a joy.

Yield and Growth Cycle

With Mental Glue, expect bountiful yields of up to 350g of dry flowers in a mere five-month growth cycle.

Making the Most of Your Mental Glue Crop

Extracting CBD

The potency of Mental Glue shines post-harvest. Its rich CBD content can be transformed into various therapeutic products, making it a favorite for many.

Ensuring High-Quality Produce

With Mental Glue, quality is paramount. Proper harvesting, drying, and storage ensure the best therapeutic benefits.

Ordering Information

Minimum Order Quantity

Interested in the wonders of Mental Glue? Begin with a minimum order of 10 units and embrace the therapeutic journey offered by Biofanatic.

Why Buy in Bulk?

With the increasing demand for strains like Mental Glue, bulk orders promise a profitable venture and a steady supply of this therapeutic marvel.


In our quest for mental wellness, nature presents answers like Mental Glue. Brought to you by Biofanatic, this strain promises potential in every flower.


  1. How long does Mental Glue take to complete its growth cycle?
    • It typically takes five months for the plant to complete its growth cycle.
  2. Is the 23% CBD content consistent in all Mental Glue plants?
    • While Mental Glue is bred for high CBD content, variations might occur due to environmental factors and cultivation practices.
  3. Do I need prior gardening experience to grow Mental Glue?
    • No, Mental Glue is suitable for all, thanks to its resilient nature and Biofanatic’s breeding expertise.
  4. What are the potential uses of Mental Glue’s extracted CBD?
    • Extracted CBD from Mental Glue can be transformed into oils, tinctures, edibles, and other therapeutic products.
  5. Why is Mental Glue resistant to pests and fungi?
    • Through selective breeding by Biofanatic, Mental Glue has high resistance to common pests and fungi.

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