Ave Marina feminized 10 CBD seeds

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Product Description

Ave Marina CBD SEEDS: The Game-Changer in Cannabis Farming

Are you searching for the next big thing in cannabis farming? Look no further than Ave Marina CBD SEEDS! šŸŒ±

The Magic Behind Ave Marina

The Towering Heights

First things first, Ave Marina isn’t your average cannabis plant. Growing to a staggering 4.5m height, it’s almost like having your own green skyscraper! Just imagine the shade on a sunny day.

Hybrid Heritage

Ever heard of ‘Dinamed CBD’ or ‘Sweet Pure’? Well, Ave Marina is the lovechild of these two, and boy, has it inherited the best traits from its parents!

Sensational Aromas

When life gives you lemons, they say to make lemonade. But what if life gives you lemon and diesel aromas? Well, with Ave Marina, for the first time, you can have both in one delightful flower. It’s like a fusion dish for your olfactory senses!

Harvest and Yield

Enormous Output

One of the most enticing aspects of Ave Marina is its impressive yield. Easily producing 1kg of dry flower per plant, this giant doesn’t just impress with its height but its bountiful offerings.

The Five-Month Cycle

Time is of the essence, especially in farming. With Ave Marina, in just five months, you’ll be reveling in a glorious harvest. It’s like magic, but real.

A Specialist in Extraction

Extraction Excellence

Due to its significant size, Ave Marina leans more towards extraction. But why is this a good thing? Because you’re getting the pure essence of what makes this plant fantastic.

Medical and Industrial Versatility

Beyond the delightful scents and impressive height, Ave Marina is a medicinal marvel. Its CBD extraction potential is immense, offering myriad health benefits. Not to mention its industrial applications, producing 1.5kg sticks and a hefty 400g of seeds.

The All-in-One Package

Sticks, Seeds, and Flowers

Ave Marina is the gift that keeps on giving. From sticks to seeds to flowers, there’s a part of this plant suited for every need.

Why Ave Marina Stands Out

In a sea of cannabis options, Ave Marina rises like a beacon. It’s not just about its size or aroma; it’s about the opportunities it presents and the potential it holds.

Calling All Legal Farmers

The Exclusive Offer

If you’re a legal farmer, we have something special for you. Reach out via email, and let’s discuss an offer you can’t refuse. Trust us; Ave Marina will transform your farming game.

Conclusion: Ave Marina’s Promising Horizon

As we dive deeper into the world of cannabis, it’s evident that Ave Marina CBD SEEDS is a rising star. With its unique attributes, generous yields, and unmamedical cannabis cultivationtched versatility, it’s set to reshape the landscape of cannabis farming.


  • Why is Ave Marina considered a game-changer in cannabis farming?
    • Due to its towering height, unique aroma blend, and impressive yields in just five months.
  • How is Ave Marina different from other cannabis strains?
    • It’s a hybrid between ‘Dinamed CBD’ and ‘Sweet Pure,’ offering both lemon and diesel aromas.
  • What can one expect from Ave Marina’s harvest?
    • A whopping 1kg of dry flower, 1.5kg sticks, and 400g seeds per plant in a five-month cycle.
  • Is Ave Marina suitable for medicinal purposes?
    • Absolutely! Its CBD extraction potential is vast, making it ideal for medicinal uses.
  • I’m a legal farmer. How can I get in touch for the special offer?
    • You can contact us via email to discuss the exclusive opportunity and harness the potential of Ave Marina.
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