450 mg CBG-a (Cannabigerolic acid) RAW Complete full spectrum extract in MCT


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Product Description

CBGA (Cannabigerolic acid)


CBG is all the cannabinoids in one . Before the flower cannabinoid explodes into the full spectrum we so much cherish, all of the beneficial compounds are in the form of CBGA. The function of this amazing compound is to protect the young plant from fungus, bacteria and pests and to facilitate the proper development of the plant. It has been found that CBG (CANNABIGEROL) is ten times more effective than CBD (Cannabidiol). Until now the extraction of CBG was near impossible due to its minimal content in the flowers. Thanks to the latest developments in technology we have managed to develop and grow a variety of the flowers with 21% of CBGA. This permits us to produce CBG in sufficient quantities now to offer this product.

This CBG plant has no THC content, therefore we have enhanced this product to a full spectrum by adding a small percentage of full spectrum CBD to ensure the synergistic effect.

All our oils are made with raw cold extraction as CBGA begins to degrade at 50 degrees Celsius/122 Fahrenheit. The extraction process needs to be done in cryogenic temperatures. This process of extraction guarantees the successful transfer of the beneficial compounds from the young fresh cannabis plants and therefore the best final product.


MCT Coconut Oil, RAW CANNABIGEROL ( Cannabigerolic acid  and Cannabigerol (CBGa & CBG)), CANNABINOIDS, FLAVONOIDS, TERPENES .

THC <0,2%.

We advise consumers not to take more than 160 mg CBD per day.

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