350 mg CBD-a (Cannabidiolic Acid) RAW in MCT full spectrum extract


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Product Description

CBD A (Cannabidiolic Acid) oil

Our CBD oils are made with raw cold pressed full spectrum extract. We use this technique to preserve the full benefits of the plant. Our extracts are made from high grade cannabis plants. There is at least 10x the strength of our selected varieties of the plant. Our selected cannabis plants contains 500 active ingredients . In our cannabis extraction we have a far greater spectrum of beneficial compounds than other products that use regular hemp plants that are on the market.

We work with the acid forms of the cannabinoids which are proven to have 1000x the medical value than the heated form of extraction that most other companies on the market use.

We use MCT organic coconut oil of the highest quality to facilitate the best absorption of the CBD. 

In our oils the THC is tested and controlled. It is always under 0.2% which has no cerebral effect but works synergistically with the CBD for its improved calming effect.  

MCT Coconut Oil, CANNABIDIOL (Cannabidiol and Cannabidiolic acid (CBDa and CBD)), Cannabinoids, FLAVONOIDS, TERPENES.
THC< 0,2%

We advise consumers not to take more than 160 mg CBD per day.


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