Love-infused CBD products

What makes this shop special? Our quality. For CBD products, that’s a word that’s often thrown around without a whole lot to back it up. But we do things a little differently so that we can offer you pure, high-quality cannabinoid products.

The seeds we plant are crafted here at the farm through a careful genetic process. Resistant to mold and pests, these seeds give us the ability to be chemical-free. We’ve also developed a special cold-press technique that, through slow extraction, allows us to extract more quality.

For the final products, we use registered EU genetics of hemp plants with a legal limit of THC and a 20-times greater variety of legal cannabinoids. Each one of the cannabinoids is extremely important, and combined with one another, they create special synergetic benefits that make the product very strong, with effects you can feel in 5–10 minutes.

We work for quality, not quantity. You won’t find our brand in regular shops or markets; we have a restricted amount of goodies to sell. That’s because producing high-quality products from seed to final drop is a task that can only be done on smaller craft farms, not in industrial settings. And that’s what makes us different. From the seed to the final product, every step in the process is infused with love and care.


We believe that all CBD and CBG products have to have
“WOW” effect: a clear sense of happiness and satisfaction

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